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INK SOLV 30 - Residential

By the Canister or by the Box, we've got you covered!

Super Strength Industrial Hand Cleaner

Kwik Kleen Powdered Hand cleaner is 100% Product, you don’t pay for 20% product and 80% water.

You get your money’s worth when you add your own water to make a powerful paste that washes away dirt and grime from your hands.  Works great at removing dirt, grease, grime, paint, ink, and other soils.

Kwik Kleen Hand Cleaner will not only clean your hands, it will also make your hands soft. Kwik Kleen Hand Cleaner contains two skin emollients; which will give your hands that sleek feeling after every wash.

Kwik Kleen Hand Cleaner has an extremely long shelf-life, unlike goops and lotions that will degrade and separate over time, Kwik Kleen maintains its cleaning power for years.

Kwik Kleen is made with over 90% Agricultural products: it is safe for the user and the environment. Kwik Kleen does not contain any ingredients listed as Hazardous, dangerous, toxic or potentially carcinogenic.

Kwik Kleen Hand Cleaner is pure cleaning power, why pay for water when what you need is cleaning power.

You will not be disappointed!