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Resurgence of the Letterpress, Actually Thanks to the Internet

IF YOU PRINT IT, THEY WILL READ In the 14th-century, Johannes Gutenberg spent almost two decades innovating the existing method printing. Until then, entire pages were carved into a wooden block. This method was tedious and time-consuming. But, tedious as it was, this method was far faster than transcribing by hand. Gutenberg’s new method allowed entire pages to be reproduced at once. Then, the movable type could be reorganized for the next page to print.

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9 Pieces of Advice for New Analog Ink Technicians

Newly hired (first-time) Analog Ink Technicians should not be faced with starting the job on their first day without having a solid understanding of what is expected. The information provided here is based on a survey that professionals from the industry completed which focused around four specific areas: VALUABLE ANALOG INK TECHNICIAN SKILLS  INK MATCHING KNOW-HOW  CHALLENGES IN THE WORK PLACE  HAND CLEANERS  From these responses, I collected the nine highest-ranking pieces of advice:

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There's A First For Everything!

Ah, finally, my very first blog! Welcome to my "clean" little corner of the internet where I plan to keep you up to date with business goings-on, a few funnies from my life, things that catch my attention and all things InkSolv30, LLC related.  What's weighing heavy on me today is rain. Rain is EVERYWHERE here in Northeast Nebraska and that brings MUD! It's a blessing and a curse all at once. The farmers are finishing up in the fields and we need the rain to help with the crops, that's for sure. On the other hand, when I went to the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo with my son's class for the field trip, you could definitely tell which cars were not from...

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