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Protect Your Most Valuable Tools

protect your most valuable tool, your hands



Tough Hands Deserve a Tough 100% Soap!

That's where InkSOLV30, also known as Kwik Klean, comes in!

With 100% product, our hand cleaner never expires and also never disappoints!

InkSOLV30 quickly removes the oils, acids, chemicals and grime that machinists, mechanics, farmers and printers come into contact with every working day.

Invest in your body's number one tool; YOUR HANDS! Let your work show for itself, not by living on your hands. Not properly combating the dirt, oil and grime that a good work day delivers with an industrial hand cleaner can lead to cracked, rough, aching hands. Protect the hands. 

Liquid Soaps won't cut it when it comes to these tough elements. Don't waste money on a product comprised of 80% water that will disintegrate over time. At Ink Solv 30, we deliver 100% product. Get what you paid for and know that each time you use our industrial hand cleaner it will have the full cleaning power as the day you bought it. Providing the best protection to your hands.   

Need hand cleaners for the home garden or to take to the gun range? Check out our Residential Orders.

Want to provide true cleaning power for the whole body shop or factory then place a Bulk Order and save!

Today, your entire order will receive a one-time 10% discount (applied at checkout) as a very special thank you!


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